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Tiffany Jackson | WMBB-TV

BAY COUNTY, Fla. - In the next legislative session, the Florida Senate will discuss a bill drafted by George Gainer and two other Panhandle senators. The topic of the bill is BP oil spill funds.

Senate bill 364 is meant to keep BP oil spill funds in Northwest Florida by making sure the funds are being allocated in a transparent and accountable manor.

George Gainer has only been a Florida senator for about two months, but he's wasted no time working towards his goals.

"The day I walked into the Florida Senate," said Senator George Gainer, (R) Florida District 2.

His number one priority was the allocation of BP oil spill funds, so Gainer, along with two other Panhandle senators, filed new legislation this week - Senate bill 364.

"This has been the main, one of the main events of my political life and one of the things that I feel like that I can do for Northwest Florida that would certainly make my time over there worthwhile," said Gainer.

Right now, the eight disproportionately affected counties receive 75% of settlement funds from the state.

This bill would clarify that these funds go directly to trustworthy hands.

"Into the hands of the Triumph Committee, which is the organization that was put together to spend this money in Northwest Florida," said Gainer.

As Bay County is one of those eight counties, they are ready to see the impact of this legislation.

"We want to, you know, be a part of that team that makes this happen. It will affect generational change here as these investments are made," said Bob Majka, Bay County Manager.

"I think it's our one opportunity to raise Northwest Florida to the same level as the rest of the state," said Gainer.

Senator gainer is optimistic about the bill passing.

"No doubt in my mind," said Gainer.

This bill will be brought up in the next legislative session beginning March 3rd.