About George

GainerGeorge 152047CGeorge Gainer has been shaped by his North Florida roots and his strong belief that hard work, honesty, and humility define a person's character.

Born in Jackson County, the family moved to Washington County where his father rented boats and sold bait to people fishing in the Sandhill Ponds. When the ponds dried up in 1954, the Gainer family moved to Bay County settling in Panama City. George says his family was "poorer than a drink of water." Hard work was a must in order for the family to survive. Everyone in his family had a job including George, who at the age of 12 started a newspaper route. A year later, he went to work as a deckhand on the fishing boats in St. Andrew. Those early, formative years taught George a valuable lesson -- that success comes from the effort you put into it. After selling cars for a few years, in 1968 George decided to buy his own dealership. That began nearly five decades of ownership and operations of automotive dealerships in Florida, Alabama and Georgia.

It was also in 1968 that George turned to public service in an effort to give back to his community. He was elected to the Bay County Commission at the age of 25, making George one of the youngest -- if not the youngest -- elected official in the state of Florida. George left the county commission in 1972 and focused his efforts on building his business and his growing family. Today he owns 8 automotive dealerships -- all located in North Florida.

George is most proud of his family. He is married to Jan Gainer and has 6 children and 12 grandchildren. They are his pride and joy. It was thinking about future opportunities not only for his children and grandchildren, but for all of Bay County residents that George decided to run again for the county commission in 2002. He was elected and served until 2016. In that capacity, George helped lead growth in a fast-changing county. Gainer voted to cut taxes while also providing for critical public safety and transportation needs.

He's pro-growth while also ensuring Bay County's natural resources are protected. Following the BP oil spill in the Gulf, George was appointed to the Commission for Oil Spill Response Coordination. Senator Gainer was elected to the Florida Senate with no opposition in November 2016. In addition to his responsibilities in the Senate, George serves on various community boards and organizations. He is a Mason and a Shriner and has been an active member of the First Baptist Church of Panama City since 1954.